[freeside-users] Freeside daily not processing autobilling customers

Nathan Kennedy nathan at nkent.us
Wed Oct 2 07:05:58 PDT 2019

On Tue, 2019-10-01 at 20:14 -0400, John Wilson wrote:
> What seems to be my final issue is my customers that are set to
> autobill via credit/debit card or echeck.
> Freeside seems to find all the relevant customers, but in the billing
> log under the STATUS of each payment it says: done: Missing payinfo
> I was able to process payments on all of these customers manually
> today without issue.
Hello John,

I have ran into this before and it is most likely your billing event
actions that are causing the problem.  
Since v4 allows for multiple payment types to be defined per customer
the old billing event actions to only process a card or check do not
work properly anymore.
Be sure that you are using the action labeled "Run card or check with a
Business::OnlinePayment realtime gateway" and this should allow your
processing to continue as normal.


Nathan Kennedy
Contracted Professional IT
(360) 637-1090
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