[freeside-users] Freeside daily not processing autobilling customers

John Wilson johnwilson1969 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 1 17:14:26 PDT 2019

I posted about this particular install about a month ago.

> I migrated a very old install (3.92) a few days ago to a new server (debian 9.9 w/Freeside 4.3 - installed from freeside-stretch repo)

I had a couple of issues, but was able to work around them. Mostly I
think the issues stem from a bad/incomplete upgrade attempt in the
past. But was running stable on 3.92 for quite a while.

What seems to be my final issue is my customers that are set to
autobill via credit/debit card or echeck.
Freeside seems to find all the relevant customers, but in the billing
log under the STATUS of each payment it says: done: Missing payinfo

I was able to process payments on all of these customers manually
today without issue.

I have poured through the debug of freeside-daily and this seems to be
the relevant part. (from a test customer account)
Any ideas on where to start? I have went through a lot of database
tables (mostly part_event and part_event_conditions making sure those
tables are all aligned).

I could use a few hints if anyone has some ideas.


[FS::cust_main::Billing] collect customer 3984: balance 0.79
[FS::cust_main::Billing] do_cust_event customer 3984: balance 0.79
[FS::cust_main::Billing] due_cust_event called with options time:
1570838694, check_freq: 1d, debug: 1, stage: collect
  1 total possible cust events found in initial search
  0 cust events left satisfying conditions
    invalid conditions not eliminated with condition_sql:
      has_cust_payby_auto: 1
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