Sign-Up Server Integration

Martin G. Bayerle bayerle at
Tue Sep 22 08:54:33 PDT 1998

Subject:     Sign-Up Server Integration
Sent:        9/22/98 10:51 AM
To:          MarkConstable
             ludovicy at
             ivan at

Dear Mark and Steve (and, of course, Ivan),

Here is what we have:

A Web Based Sign-Up server, based on Minivend (for documentation:  This now produces a web based result, and has 
all other Minivend functionality.  A demo is currently running at:

and is available from

Goal: to permit ISPs to freely distributye CDs far and wide, to acquire 
new users anywhere through an automated process (and, to bill those 

This is the procedure we propose (Initially):

1.  Select a dialer which will detect/set-up Windows 95 dial-up network.  
We also wish to add/install selected suite of Net software, including 
Browser, E-mail etc. 


and Microsoft's IEAK.

See also: 

and Netscape's CCK.       

2.  Configure dial-up networking for a pre-designated POP (possibly 800 
number), based on a restricted account via RADIUS/NAS filter.  This 
sign-up at domain can access only the sign-up webserver.

3.  Minivend checks passwd file for username/password approval, 
credit-card info, authorizes credit card and, if successful, feeds 
account info to Freeside.

4.  Minivend feeds response to new user with username/password 

5.  Freeside writes passwd file, directories, etc. for new account.

6.  Optional for IDEA:  this info feeds R-home Dialer, customer 
disconnects, selects country/state/province and reconnects with dialer.  
For Dialer,

What do you think?


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