Perl API documentation now available.

Ivan Kohler ivan at
Fri Sep 25 02:29:03 PDT 1998

Hello everyone,

Perl API documentation is now available online at

The POD source is also available in the current development snapshot.

There are a few small discrepancies between the API documentation, taken
from the current tree, and the 1.1.1 release: 

  CyberCash support is not available in 1.1.1 without uncommenting stuff
  in the source; the current tree has CyberCash v2 and v3 support,
  controlled via configuraiton files. 

  The print command is now a configuration file in the current tree.

  The FS::Conf module is not present in 1.1.1.

Any questions, please ask!

On the off chance, is anyone attending (and driving to) ISPCON who could
lend me one or two 17" monitors?  (I need two total)  I am flying from the
east coast and shipping them from here seems like a crapshoot. 

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