[freeside-users] Invoices sort order

bhalchandra sawant bssawant at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 10 10:53:22 PST 2017

 Actually the invoices are generated, not as per custnum.  
What is the logic,  of generating invoices.  It is not generated as custnum, or address1.
Are invoices are generated randomly.

    On Wednesday 29 November 2017, 7:25:19 PM GMT-8, bhalchandra sawant <bssawant at yahoo.com> wrote:  
 We have installed Freeside  version 4.2, one month back.  And now getting feel of this powerful software.
We are not able to get desired sort order of the printing invoice job.  Is it possible to print invoices on sort order of address.  As by default the invoices are printed on custnum sort order.
-bs sawant

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