[freeside-users] Adding another Radius Server ?

Ian Fraser ian_fraser at gozoom.ca
Mon Nov 21 12:30:29 PST 2016

I'm changing my Radius configuration and so I've added another Radius 
export to Freeside.

When I run  /usr/bin/freeside-sqlradius-reset/<user>/ Freeside only 
populates the nas and radgroupreply field in the New Radius server, it 
will not populate the radcheck field on the new server.

So I cloned all the data from the existing database to the New server 
and Freeside deleted the radcheck table and did not repopulate it.

I must be missing a step but it's been so long since I setup Freeside I 
don't recall.


Ian Fraser
goZoom.ca Inc.
195 Libby's Rd. McNab-Braeside
877(613) 622 0093 ext 21

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