[freeside-users] Custom Fields on Invoice

Andrew Sims asims1979 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 22 16:43:33 PST 2016

Hi Guys,
First post to the mailing list; love the software - thanks for your continued hard work.
On to my question; Is it possible to include custom fields on a latex invoice?
For example; we've customised the 'invoice_latexcoupon' area and would like to include a custom field, which is a payment option reference for a specific payment method. The custom field is created, populated for the customers and is can be seen correctly in each customers profile in the web interface.
Looking through the code, it would appear that the Template_Mixin.pm file would be the starting point and so far I've tried to create a variable that contains a db query selecting the custom field in question, then in the same file when it's bringing all the invoice data together, include the variable with the vain hope that it would present itself as a usable variable for the latex invoice.
I'm not surprised it didn't work given my limited (i.e non-existent) perl knowledge (I loving having a go at least!) 

Has anyone attempted and been successful in including custom fields on latex invoices? Any pointers you could throw at me or code that I could potentially use/modify as a starting point? 


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