[freeside-users] Fresh install on Debian 8

Brian Mine bbooker45 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 15:34:25 PST 2015

I'm not going to be much help other than to say I was able to get it to
work using base2. I don't recall any errors restarting Apache after making
the change.

I do have an issue with the ticketing links within the customer page not
working but no clue if it's related in any way. I'm completely ignorant of
any and all programming, just trying to be a user. Sorry I couldn't be more
On Dec 3, 2015 6:01 PM, "Sam Tetherow" <tetherow at shwisp.net> wrote:

> Having issues with a fresh install on Debian 8 (jessie).  I followed the
> documentation and everything goes without a hitch (other than the
> deprecation errors that Mason throws) until I get to the 'Apache & Web GUI'
> section.
> First off there is no freeside-base.conf, there is a freeside-base2.conf
> and looking at the file it appears that it is meant to replace
> freeside-base.conf ?  So I enabled it in place of freeside-base.  When I
> attempt to restart the web server it segfaults though.  I can't get any
> meaningful info out of the system beyond that.
> The web server is working fine up until that section.  Given that it is a
> segfault I would think it would be in relation to the mpm_prefork module
> since it is in C vs the perl code for the freeside install, but haven't
> been able to chase it any further since RT is requiring mpm_prefork near as
> I can tell.
> I guess my first question is, has anyone else run into this problem, if
> not, has anyone installed on stock debian 8 recently?
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