[freeside-users] 2.3.0 released

Sebastien Perreault sperreault at alesium.net
Tue Jul 26 08:56:52 PDT 2011


 I was able to install Freeside without any issues on the following platform:
  - FreeBSD
  - Linux (Centos)
  - Solaris (10 and 11 express), my personal favorite :)

 The documentation is not 100% up-to-date but I don't expect more from
a free application like freeside, Oracle's doc is not 100% and we pay
a load of cash to get it :) You really need to know how Perl, Apache
and CPAN works and just make sure you install all the required perl
modules before. Also Ivan provides a VMWare image for a real fast

 I'm personally working on making a freeside IPS repo for the end of
this year so I can easily install all the modules required on Solaris
11 express (x86 and SPARC) to make freeside an easy application to
deploy in a Solaris environment.


On Tue, Jul 26, 2011 at 11:37 AM, paul-andre cote
<pacote at central-ip-pbx.com> wrote:
> Hola,
> I would like to use your tool
> But I cant seem to install it.
> What do you propose to use:
> OS: Debian squeeze
> Do you have any repository for cpan modules that you suggest.
> I did try to install freeside by following your guides but there is always
> missing cpan components.
> I did make it work, but I get pdf errors, I get RT errors, I cant change
> the layout for rt.
> Etc.
> Your approche is a good solutions. But can you provide us with better
> guide.
> If you google, you will find a load of complaints about your installation
> guides.
> I would gladly puch your solution to my clients but it needs a strait
> forward install procedure.
> If you are proposing an opensource, and you want to make money out of it,
> it's ok but, wy don¹t you sell
> A book, or offert a limited solution for free. And for a enterprise class
> solution you sell
> your repository. And there on, if they are still unable to install you can
> charge per installation.
> And offert a contract.  But at the moment it look like your a trying to
> puch and opensource
> But in fact we half to for it to make run properly. It doesint look
> honest.
> If I am wrong, I appologise and hope to be pointed to the rigth install
> guide. And il will not
> Hesitate to propose your solution. Of if you need a hand to write good
> install guide I am ready for that.
> I can push an iso for Oracle VM to. Since it is also open source. BTW, I
> did purchase a service contract from them.
> But I had the chance of making it work in a production enviroment and test
> it well.
> If you want a french install wiki, I will push it to.
> Tanks for your time.
> Here you go give me your phone number a will call you and take an
> arrangement.
>  Paul-Andre Cote / IT Consultant
>  Central IP PBX
>  1905 rue Payette suite 3
>  Montreal, Quebec, H3J 1P2
> Tel: 514.509.8179 ext 251
>  www.central-ip-pbx.com <http://www.central-ip-pbx.com>
> On 11-07-25 23:41, "Ivan Kohler" <ivan at freeside.biz> wrote:
>>I'm pleased to announce the release of Freeside version 2.3.0.
>>This is a major new release which brings features such as Unicode support
>>internationalization, integrated network monitoring with 95% percentile
>>billing, DSL qualifications and orders, and more.
>>We are hiring for support/sysadmin and programming positions, so if
>>familiar with Freeside and would like to help folks implement it, please
>>our jobs page at http://freeside.biz/freeside/jobs.html
>>Download: http://freeside.biz/freeside/freeside-2.3.0.tar.gz
>>MD5: 3891d269ed61a735b993ee4098379f2c
>>SHA1: 9d2604e1388248dec7d30bbbdbf3b650bd3fea6b
>>VMware appliance (550mb):
>>- Bittorrent (preferred):
>>    http://freeside.biz/freeside/Freeside-Appliance-2.3.0.zip.torrent
>>- Direct download:
>>    http://freeside.biz/freeside/Freeside-Appliance-2.3.0.zip
>>freeside-users mailing list
>>freeside-users at freeside.biz
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