[freeside-users] Suspend Function

Jack Martin jack.d.martin at magicwisp.com
Tue Aug 16 16:34:10 PDT 2011

OK - reading a previous email on the list - it said I had to create a  
user to make it work.  I created a package, and a user with that  
package and provisioned it.  Then it would not even change the  
radusergroup.  I deleted all of that and went back to what I had - but  
it still won't change the usergroup - just the password.  I totally  
built a new Svc Definition, and the export still won't change the  
group - but it is changing the password.  I see no errors in mysql on  
the radius server.  This is making me pull my hair out.  Has anybody  
made the suspend work with radius, by work I mean change the users  
usergroup and not password?  I am using Freeside v2.1.2

Quoting Jack Martin <jack.d.martin at magicwisp.com>:

> Having trouble with the suspend function - I have never made it work  
> properly, so I am trying again.
> I am sure it's something I am doing.  I read this on the sqlexport -  
> am maybe I am missing something.
> Radius group mapping to reason (via template user)  
> (svcnum|username|username at domain reasonnum|reason)
> I have 17 9 in that field.
> I have a Service Definition #17 svc_act with the Radius group of Disco
> I have a Suspend Reason #9 for Non-Payment
> When I suspend an account it goes out to the radius server, and  
> changes the group as it should, but it changes the user password.   
> That means the customer doesn't actually hit the Disco group because  
> they never authenticate.  Can somebody tell me exactly what I have  
> messed up.
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