[freeside-users] Suspend Function

Jack Martin jack.d.martin at magicwisp.com
Mon Aug 15 19:48:29 PDT 2011

Having trouble with the suspend function - I have never made it work  
properly, so I am trying again.

I am sure it's something I am doing.  I read this on the sqlexport -  
am maybe I am missing something.

Radius group mapping to reason (via template user)  
(svcnum|username|username at domain reasonnum|reason)

I have 17 9 in that field.

I have a Service Definition #17 svc_act with the Radius group of Disco

I have a Suspend Reason #9 for Non-Payment

When I suspend an account it goes out to the radius server, and  
changes the group as it should, but it changes the user password.   
That means the customer doesn't actually hit the Disco group because  
they never authenticate.  Can somebody tell me exactly what I have  
messed up.

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