[freeside-users] 2 Questions About Freeside

Gerald Livingston gerald.freeside at sysmatrix.net
Sun Feb 15 20:00:39 PST 2009

Jack D. Martin Jr. wrote:
> Two questions on Freeside.
> #1  When setting up users and assigning them to certain packages - I
> notice there is a limit of 8 characters for the password.  Any way to
> change that?  I use longer passwords for PPPoE authorization - and this
> would require I go out and change a lot of customers.

I'm running 1.58 still so I dont know if anything has changed but.

Click PASSWORD (or search for "password config")

The password configuration options let you change min/max length

> #2  When you provision a customer with a package that is associated with a
> domain, it automatically assigns them an email address.  I do not want
> that - and it makes me how to go and correct the data.  How can I make
> that not happen.

I have no idea. I need email addresses assigned on mine.


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