[freeside-users] Please help getting DBI and DSN errors

Jeff Finucane jeff at cmh.net
Thu Apr 5 16:37:56 PDT 2007

"Ryan Ghering" <rghering at gmail.com> wrote on Thu, 5 Apr 2007 16:47:41 -0600....

| Message-ID: <6c332e930704051547r502fb12bq63d67897419c2995 at mail.gmail.com>
| From: "Ryan Ghering" <rghering at gmail.com>
| To: freeside-users at sisd.com
| Subject: [freeside-users] Please help getting DBI and DSN errors
| List-Help: <mailto:freeside-users-request at sisd.com?subject=help>
| Can't connect to data source -e DBI:Pg:dbname=freeside, no database
| driver specified and DBI_DSN env var not set at
| /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/FS/UID.pm line 118
| Why is this?

  That '-e ' looks suspicious to me.  I think I'd try to locate the
origin of that.

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