[freeside-users] Adding Radius Attributes....

Ivan Kohler ivan at 420.am
Tue May 2 06:55:25 PDT 2006

See the second-to-last question in the FAQ regarding setting 
"Session-Timeout" automatically.

No idea why your static attributes aren't propogating to the RADIUS 
database; works for me.


On Tue, May 02, 2006 at 01:06:53PM +1200, Max Lock wrote:
> Hi Folks,
>  I'm running 1.5.7 on Debian stable.
>  I'm trying to use Freeside with the Chillispot NAS software in a
> prepaid setup. I can get Freeside to populate a Freeradius sql database
> correctly, but after running fs-radius-add-reply I can see the extra
> attributes in the Freeside database, but I can't see them anywhere else?
> They're also not getting exported to the Freeradius DB.
>  Specifically I need to add the Session-Timeout, Idle-Timeout and
> Acct-Interim-Interval attributes. The Session-Timeout being variable
> depending on the users remaining credit.
>  If anyone has done something similar, I'd be grateful for any pointers
> on getting these attributes working, and suggestions on setting up a
> package.
>  -Cheers Max.
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