[freeside-users] Adding Radius Attributes....

Max Lock maxlock at xnet.co.nz
Mon May 1 18:06:53 PDT 2006

Hi Folks,

 I'm running 1.5.7 on Debian stable.

 I'm trying to use Freeside with the Chillispot NAS software in a
prepaid setup. I can get Freeside to populate a Freeradius sql database
correctly, but after running fs-radius-add-reply I can see the extra
attributes in the Freeside database, but I can't see them anywhere else?
They're also not getting exported to the Freeradius DB.

 Specifically I need to add the Session-Timeout, Idle-Timeout and
Acct-Interim-Interval attributes. The Session-Timeout being variable
depending on the users remaining credit.

 If anyone has done something similar, I'd be grateful for any pointers
on getting these attributes working, and suggestions on setting up a

 -Cheers Max.

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