[freeside-users] Re: Installing freeside-cvs via the debian install script

Scott Langley scott at ruralnetwork.net
Mon Jan 23 16:34:45 PST 2006

Thanks for the feedback.  I replied to your comments in-line below: 

Ivan Kohler writes: 

> Again just FYI, on Debian, I personally install all the Perl modules 
> from packages rather than anything from CPAN directly.  The 
>   deb http://420.am/~ivan/freeside-sarge/ ./
> apt source should have verything necessary to run Freeside CVS
> (including RT) on Debian 3.1.

I know that it downloaded some debian perl packages from there, but 
apparently the current version of http://420.am/~ivan/freeside-sarge/
is missing a few modules, at least the versions desired by:

>> 4. I found it necessary to modify line 50 of the original script to create
>>    the fs_queue user with a password.
> Why is it necessary to add a web-interface password for the internal 
> fs_queue user? 
> -- 
> _ivan

I recall seeing an error message indicating that, but if I now delete it 
from htpasswd, freeside runs fine.  Perhaps it was a different unfulfilled 
dependency that was the hold-up when I tried tweaking that. 

Scott Langley
scott at ruralnetwork.net
Systems Administrator
Rural Network Services 

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