[freeside-users] Removing Access Number Support

Kenneth Williams kenneth at keyway.net
Thu Oct 13 09:55:26 PDT 2005

err... < input name=fieldname type=hidden value=something >

> I havent removed the dialup numbers field before, but some other required
> fields I've removed (from the users view at least) simply by replacing
> them with an < input type=hidden value=something >. This makes the signup
> server accept it as user input.
> I have also ran into the same problem with the numbers taking an
> incredibly long time to load when you have a lot of them. I had a PHP
> script that would  load state lists (or area code) from MySQL, then the
> numbers for only the state/area you selected. Does anyone know of a way to
> integrate this selective loading into the signup server of freeside?
> Thanks!
>> Hello,
>> We are using version Freeside v1.5.7. We have successfully imported 5000
>> access numbers into freeside, and they all show up. The probelm we are
>> having is that most users are signing up over dialup, and our signup
>> page
>> (https://www.dialup.cc/signup.php) takes an extremely long time to load
>> becasue it is downloading the signup script, plus the 5000 access
>> numbers
>> on
>> the script.
>> We have made our own access number search script on a serparte page (
>> https://www.dialup.cc/access.php), so we not longer would like to have
>> the
>> freeside access number script that is on the bottom of the signup page.
>> I
>> know we can delete all the 5000 access numbers in freeside, but the
>> access
>> number fields remain on the form. We have also tried to simply cut out
>> the
>> access number code on the signup page, and it does remove the boxes, but
>> then however when you press signup the page comes back with an error
>> saying
>> select a access number.
>> Please help me disable the use of POPs in freeside.
>> Thank you,
>> Kyle Leissner
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