[freeside] First Installation

ivan at 420.am ivan at 420.am
Tue Nov 18 03:17:43 PST 2003

Perl in RH9 should be fine.  Threads and PerlIO are standard in 5.8.x.
I've updated the documentation.

The mod_perl in RH9 won't work.  You'll need to compile your own or find
RPMs of Apache 1 / mod_perl 1.

http://www.reb00t.com/ has RPMs with mod_perl and mod_ssl included. 
Apparantly the binary RPMs don't work but recompiling the source RPM on
your local system yields a working, mod_perl/mod_ssl enabled Apache
1.3.28 package.  As is the case with third-party RPMs I can't vouch for
their quality or security, they could put backdoors on your system or
burn down your house, etc.


On Sat, Nov 15, 2003 at 11:23:55PM -0500, Gator wrote:
> I'm installing Freeside for the first time.  Actually I'm not counting
> the real first time since I couldn't get everything to compile and
> decided to try again.  I am loading this on a fresh install of Redhat
> 9.0 which automatically installs the RPM version of Perl 5.8.0.
> Is the standard RPM release of Perl OK especially considering the
> installation notes warning about "experimental features like threads"
> which I believe are enabled in the RPM?
> Are there any better installation guides besides the cryptic one in the
> Freeside manual?
> Thanks - Jack


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