vpopmail export (non)problem for 1.4.1

Luca de Marinis loop at brainworkers.net
Sun Nov 16 11:19:17 PST 2003


I have a vpopmail export on debian woody (via shellcommands_withdomain).
vadduser here doesnt' take the password as argument, but rather wants it
fed via STDIN (which is a good thing anyway, as I understand).

Which is the correct way to terminate lines fed via stdin for this and
other exports? I have tried both




but they both behave the same, that is, the maildir gets created
correctly, but the export code somehow doesn't realize and keeps the
item queued. Queued items say:

[Sun Nov 16 19:55:45 2003] [5401] [Net:SSH::ssh_cmd] STDERR Enter new
POP password: Enter new POP password again:  at
/usr/local/share/perl/5.6.1/Net/SSH.pm line 130, <GEN70> chunk 1.

When I manually force the queue items, they run ok (should't they return
an error now, since vadduser returns 0 if the user's there yet?)

As I said, this is a minor problem, only it keeps the welcome email from
being sent immediatly to users!

any ideas?


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