ivan at 420.am ivan at 420.am
Sat Oct 12 18:34:39 PDT 2002

changes since 1.4.1beta2:

  - Electronic check (ACH) support
  - New package price plans to charge per-minute or per-hour based on
    direct query if a FreeRADIUS or ICRADIUS radacct table (no session
    monitor necessary).
  - suspended package browse
  - default for customers with no invoices destinations (email or postal)
      was: print
      is now: send email to invoice from address
  - sqlradius export works with Pg now
  - (text and sql RADIUS): fixes for export of crypted passwords to
    Crypt-Password attribute, and radius-password config option to
    choose plaintext password attribute (Password or User-Password)
  - "Future cancellation" aka "package expiration"
  - payby-default config file and ability to hide billing information
  - change ILIKE into LOWER() for compatibility with non-Pg and Pg
    before 7.1
  - vpopmail export update: don't fail if homedir or Maildir already


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