Username disappears using sign-up server

Richard Siddall richard.siddall at
Wed Oct 16 10:05:41 PDT 2002


I'm trying to get Freeside's sign-up server working before integrating it with our
existing online sign-up script.

The Freeside machine is running Redhat 7.2, Perl 5.6.1, and Freeside 1.4.1beta4.
(Saw the same behavior with beta3.)

When I use the sign-up CGI on the sign-up machine, I get the following error:
Error: Illegal username (error code illegal_username) (2-12): 

Looking at the debug output on the Freeside machine, I get:

[fs_signup_server] Connecting to
[fs_signup_server] Sending init data...
[fs_signup_server] Entering main loop...
[fs_signup_server] Reading (waiting for) signup data...
[fs_signupd] Reading init data...
[fs_signupd] Creating /usr/local/freeside/fs_signupd_socket
[fs_signupd] Entering main loop...
[fs_signupd] sending signup info...
[fs_signupd] sending signup info...
[fs_signupd] reading customer signup...
[fs_signupd] sending customer data to remote server...
[fs_signupd] reading error from remote server...
  popnum => 601
  daytime => 
  ss => 
  country => US
  first => James
  payname => James Madison
  referral_custnum => 
  pkgpart => 2
  paydate => 1-2004
  payby => CARD
  state => CT
  county => 
  address1 => 1600 Penn Ave
  night => 
  address2 => 
  payinfo => 4111111111111111
  fax => 
  city => Washington
  invoicing_list => POST
  sec_phrase => 
  last => Madison
  zip => 06488
  username => jmadison
  _password => jeffers1
  company => 
[fs_signup_server] Processing signup...
[fs_signup_server] Sending results...
[fs_signup_server] Reading (waiting for) signup data...
[fs_signupd] sending error to local client...

So, it looks like the username is making it across to the Freeside machine and
then getting overwritten with an empty string before it is validated, resulting
in a correct report that the empty name is not in the required range.

Anyone come across this before?  Any hints would be appreciated.


	Richard Siddall

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