[freeside] success... finally! Also some questions and obversations

System Administrator - Andrew Wafula sysadmin at gatewayonline.co.ke
Tue Mar 26 05:20:14 PST 2002


Just as a note, I have used it with Opera 6.01 with no problems so I doubt
there is a browser problem.
I have used it with Opera 5 & 6, Konqueror 2.1.1 & 2.2.1 , Mozilla 0.8.1 ,
Netscape 4.77, 4.78, 6.0 (linux), 6.1 & 6.2(win32), Internet Explorer 5.5 &
6 and galeon 0.10.4.

Apart from the minor inconsistencies you would expect when browsing using
different browsers, i have not encountered a major problem that has caused
me to think of a browser having a problem. Maybe someone else has noticed
problems I may not have so I will not jump the gun to say that it works
perfectly with all the browsers I have used.

Oh, one note, when I had Opera 6 Tech preview 2 for Linux, I had some
problems viewing some text but that used to happen for a number of sites I
visited so it is not a freeside problem but a browser problem.


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> Also, I was viewing the pages in the Opera web browser (v6.0, Tech.
> 3), but have not had a chance to use another browser,

If you don't have the time to perform simple tests with another browser
yourself you are NOT READY to post to the mailing list about your problem.
You are showing disrespect for the the time of myself and the other folks
on the mailing list.  Take the time to test out your theory that it may be
a browser problem BEFORE posting.

> so the errors could
> have had something to do with Opera (it does  good job of browsing the web
> most of the time, but sometimes "hicuups"; this could be one of those
> "hicuups"

I occasionally test under Opera 5 but I don't use it, nor have I tried the
"6.0 Tech. Preview".


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