radiator logging accounting information?

Jason Radford jasonml at iconimaging.net
Sun Dec 29 20:00:08 PST 2002

We have been using radiator auth/logging onto a postgres database,
which has been pretty solid.

I have installed freeside 1.4.0 and created the freeside database
using the same postgres server, linux slackware 8.1.

My question is that in the radiator docs it says that it is
only able to auth from the freeside database, and not log 
accounting information (start/stop times, timestamps, etc), 
is anyone able to use radiator to log accounting information 
into freeside at all?  

We  really would like to keep radiator since it's been a
very solid product, but we also would like integration 
with freeside (user reports)...

Any advice would be appreciated.


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