[freeside] Interim Radius records and handling DSL accounts.

Hugh Blandford hugh at island.net.au
Wed Dec 11 05:23:33 PST 2002

Hi Kristian,

thanks for the reply.

> On Tue, 10 Dec 2002, Hugh Blandford wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I have been browsing around the list and I was wondering if someone with
> > more knowledge could help out.  Does Freeside handle the interim radius
> > records or update records that can be sent out from a NAS?  Will it
> > them if it doesn't know what they are?  If a connection stayed connected
> > 3 months could Freeside use the info contained in the update records to
> > monthly data based billing without seeing a STOP record?
> With a session having no STOP record, isn't it hard to tell the difference
> between an open session and a session that was never terminated properly?
> That probably doesn't help, but it's something to consider.

I wouldn't have thought you could tell the difference there.......if you
haven't received a STOP record then the session should be up and running.
The advantage with UPDATE records is that if you have never received a STOP
record you can go back to your last UPDATE record and use that.  This is
definately relevant if you are supporting PPPoA or PPPoE and would like to
use RADIUS records to do your billing.  As the DSL sessions are supposed to
be always on and can download vast amounts of data, you wouldn't want to
miss the STOP record :-))

How would Freeside treat an UPDATE record if it came across one whilst
parsing a details file?  Will it ignore it (fine) or would it die (bad bad
bad :-)?

> > Does anyone have any suggestions for dealing with DSL customers?  I
> > that there are some broadband pieces in CVS but I was wondering if
> > were using them and how they were going.
> I hope to have the broadband service done Real Soon Now (R).  The current
> schema is going to change so I don't suggest trying to use it yet.

Do you have any details that you could share?



> -Kristian

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