[freeside] Interim Radius records and handling DSL accounts.

Kristian Hoffmann khoff at pc-intouch.com
Wed Dec 11 03:01:54 PST 2002

On Tue, 10 Dec 2002, Hugh Blandford wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have been browsing around the list and I was wondering if someone with
> more knowledge could help out.  Does Freeside handle the interim radius
> records or update records that can be sent out from a NAS?  Will it ignore
> them if it doesn't know what they are?  If a connection stayed connected for
> 3 months could Freeside use the info contained in the update records to do
> monthly data based billing without seeing a STOP record?

With a session having no STOP record, isn't it hard to tell the difference
between an open session and a session that was never terminated properly?
That probably doesn't help, but it's something to consider.

> Does anyone have any suggestions for dealing with DSL customers?  I notice
> that there are some broadband pieces in CVS but I was wondering if people
> were using them and how they were going.

I hope to have the broadband service done Real Soon Now (R).  The current
schema is going to change so I don't suggest trying to use it yet.


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