[freeside] problem with Conf.pm module.

Sergio Gonzalez sagonzal at sky.net.co
Sun Feb 11 06:10:54 PST 2001

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>That needs to be a directory, hence the error.  It needs to be the
>directory containing all of your config files, secret file, etc.  Are you
>sure you didn't change anything?

hmmm I saw that the fs-setup script generated a dbdef.DBI..... file into 
/usr/local/etc/freeside. Then I took a look into the Conf.pm file and saw 
it was specting to find a conf.DBI.... file (well, as I already said, i'm 
not migrating from any other version of freeside, this is the first!), so 
maybe that's a kind of error. Well, i just renamed the dbdef.DBI:..... file 
with conf.DBI:..... and the I found another error

/usr/local/etc/freeside//conf.DBI...... doesn't exists!. (the double slash 
in the path!!). Then, I supose that the double slash was a kind of typo, so 
I deleted it. Then found the /usr/local/etc/freeside/conf.DBI:..... isn't a 
directory! error. I made a "cat" to the conf.DBI:..... file and it was 
plenty of table definitions... why this file is like it... a file... 
instead of a directory like Conf.pm reclaims?


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