[freeside] Our humongous patch

ivan ivan at 420.am
Fri Dec 8 17:52:18 PST 2000

On Fri, Oct 13, 2000 at 01:10:36PM -0700, Kristian Hoffmann wrote:
> Here's our patch against the current cvs tree.  It includes:
> Added svc_wireless and interfaces.
> Added svc_www interface.
> Added default A and CNAME record creation for svc_domain.
> Added modifications for ascend RADIUS w/ MySQL patches.
>       radius attribute templates, logging, and auth are all done directly
>       with the database.
> Removed cust_credit and merged it into cust_pay so credits would apply to
>       invoices after they were created.  Because of this, we can remove
>       the cust_bill.owed field and calculate invoice balances on the fly.
>       This removes the ability to post a credit before an invoice is
>       generated.  Included script fix-credits converts old-style credits
>       into new credits.

Hmm, I'm all for removing the cust_bill.owed field, but I would prefer
to keep cust_credit.

> Added per package "bill now."
> Added cust_notes for recording comments on a customer.
> Added invoice_bcc configuration file.
> Changed svc_acct_sm to do generic forwarding.  (So sue us.  We use exim
>       and this rocks!  It reads our aliases directly from the
>       database)  Perhaps there could be a config file to specify
>       what type of alias support to do.
> Added reports for account usage via RADIUS logs in the database, customer
>       balance report, and invoice aging.  We like your aging reports
>       better but figured we'd include ours anyway.
> Added multi-tiered commission system.  No interface yet.  Included
>       freeside-commission script.
> What the heck is meow besides the sound a cat makes?

Hehe, no, that's about it.

> Included is our patch as well as our current database structure.

Can you send this as a patch against the schema source in fs-setup?
Maybe even update htdocs/docs/schema.html and htdocs/docs/upgrade6.html?


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