[freeside] I saw you links page about network security and Radius... want a new link?

Ivan Kohler ivan at sisd.com
Wed Aug 25 03:04:13 PDT 1999

Sorry about this.  I've already LARTed him; you're welcome to do so as
well, but please don't follow up on the list as he's not on it.

If this happens with any frequency I'll close the list to non-member
submissions.  The only reason I haven't already is that it would be
annoying for people who subscribe as <user at domain.net> but post from
<user at mail.domain.net> and things like that.

On Wed, Aug 25, 1999 at 11:19:30AM +0200, marketing wrote:
> Hello!
> Yesterday I've seen your link page in which you list a lot of
> interesting products and companies that produce and sell Software for
> ISPs as Radius servers, firewalls and so on.
> I want to suggest you a link that you have not listed yet.
> It is NTTtacPlus 2.0: a very good Radius server that is currently used
> by a lot of important customers.
> The link is http://www.nttacplus.com
> Take a look and, if you consider the link useful, put a link in your
> page.
> Hope to help you to improve your service!
> Best regards
> ----------------
> Davide Ferrari
> Master Soft S.n.c.
> Email: ferrari at msoft.it

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