I saw you links page about network security and Radius... want a new link?

marketing mktg at msoft.it
Wed Aug 25 02:45:38 PDT 1999


Yesterday I've seen your link page in which you list a lot of
interesting products and companies that produce and sell Software for
ISPs as Radius servers, firewalls and so on.

I want to suggest you a link that you have not listed yet.
It is NTTtacPlus 2.0: a very good Radius server that is currently used
by a lot of important customers.
The link is http://www.nttacplus.com

Take a look and, if you consider the link useful, put a link in your

Hope to help you to improve your service!

Best regards
Davide Ferrari
Master Soft S.n.c.
Email: ferrari at msoft.it

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