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Jeff Lynch jeff at
Sat Dec 19 09:21:51 PST 1998

I think it's great that Ivan has made Freeside available to everyone.
Eventhough we had to go with a commercial solution before freeside was
ready for us to put into production, we're still watching closely as
as the product matures. 

I also think it absolutely disgraceful for anyone to flame a guy like Ivan
who has done so much work and chosen to give it away. Do you want
him to fly out on his own ticket and install your servers too? Geeze.

Ivan, just ignore this guy, he's not worth it.


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On Sun, 20 Dec 1998, Robert Davidson wrote:

> Your solutions are all simple.
> GIVE UP!!!
> While FreeSide looks like it could be a potentially great package, Ivan never
> seems to help anyone very well. Not enough time hey Ivan? Or do you simply 
> make it so it's that hard for people who dont know perl inside out to use
> FreeSide so that you can make some $$$$ installing it for idiots?
> The instructions for FreeSide are very uncomplete. I for one have had many
> trys at FreeSide, never getting the damn thing to work properley. It's been a
> great challenge, never the less.
> I gave up on freeside long ago, and I've been laughing at you lot trying to get
> it going, hoping you will, but knowing you dont stand much of a chance.
> I know that there are alot of people on this list with probs with freeside..
> Freeside would probably be good if the documentation was more extensive, if you
> included the shortcuts (like instead of going to that place to get those perl
> modules, just getting the deb's for it from, those kinds of
> hints would be good. It would be good if you (ivan) would give more informative
> answers when you reply to some people on this list, sometimes a "yes" or a "no"
> isn't enough.. Sometimes an explantion is a great help.
> Ivan.. I dont like you very much. It's good that you are making a product lke
> freeside, and the only reason I'm not abusing you is because you dont deserve
> to be abused in my books, as you wrote Freeside, which I'm sure someone has
> gotten some use out of.. From what I can tell, the majority of us havn't..
> Ivan.. the reason I dont like you is because you dont seem to help people on
> this list as much as you could (and should as far as I believe).. If your
> emails back to these people with problems were just a little more informative
> you may save some people alot of time instead of rooting them around.
> Please un-subscribe me from your list. I no longer have any intrest in Freeside.
> Thankyou for your time when trying to help me. It was very much appriciated.
> Regards,
> Robert Davidson.
> roblo at
> On Sat, 19 Dec 1998, Jay wrote:
> >Here's a new one. When I go to add a user account via the FreeSide system,
> >it is added to the PostgreSQL database, but never added to the system. The
> >web browser just hangs for about 5 minutes, then times out with a no data
> >error. During that 'time out', if I do a 'ps auxwww' I see the ssh useradd
> >command hanging; it looks like ssh is never able to connect to
> >root at localhost to add the user. After it times out, if I sumbit the same
> >data again, it tells me that the username is already in use. Then, if I
> >got back to the main menu and browse the database, it shows all of the
> >users there, but still they were never entered into the password file. 
> >
> >Any sugguestions about how to get ssh to complete the process? Thanks. :)
> >
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