Configuration in the dev freeside

Mark Williamson mark.williamson at
Tue Dec 8 16:04:56 PST 1998

Hi Ivor,

Just downloaded the dev version of your Freeside..   I see that there is a different configuration file setup..  ..

O.K. the /usr/local/etc/freeside/mapsecrets file..   The user name part will the same names as the names used in the 
Apache authetication file..   Now what files is the mapsecrets file meant to point to in the /usr/local/etc/freeside dir?   I 
mean before I didn't have that dir..  That has somewhat confused me from your documentation..

The three lines Database engine datasource File..   the only 3 line file that I can think of is the secrets file..   O.K. this is 
a replace file for that file?   O.K. I think that I may have that sorted out..   The  
/usr/local/etc/freeside/config.DBI:Pg:dbname=freeside/ dir is where the new configuration dir is meant to be?   There 
is no longer a /var/spool/freeside/conf dir?  actually all of those /var/spool/freeside dirs are looking redundant?

I guess that the usr/local/etc/freeside/*.datasrc dirs are meant to ownership of freeside....

O.K. just asking..  what is the reason for the changes? is this to add extra fuctions in the future?


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