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On Wed, Dec 09, 1998 at 11:12:08AM +0000, Mark Williamson wrote:
> Hi Ivor,
> Just downloaded the dev version of your Freeside..   I see that there is a
> different configuration file setup..  ..
> O.K. the /usr/local/etc/freeside/mapsecrets file..   The user name part will
> the same names as the names used in the 
> Apache authetication file..   Now what files is the mapsecrets file meant
> to point to in the /usr/local/etc/freeside dir?   I 
> mean before I didn't have that dir..  That has somewhat confused me from
> your documentation..

I suppose the documentation could be considered development as well; the
mapsecrets file points to the filename of your choice - it corresponds to
the `secrets' file from previous versions.

> The three lines Database engine datasource File..   the only 3 line
> file that I can think of is the secrets file..   O.K. this is 
> a replace file for that file?   O.K. I think that I may have that sorted
> out..

Yes, the specified filename is parsed exactly the same as the pre-1.2.x
`secrets' file.

> The  
> /usr/local/etc/freeside/config.DBI:Pg:dbname=freeside/ dir is where
> the new configuration dir is meant to be?   There 
> is no longer a /var/spool/freeside/conf dir?


>  actually all of those
> /var/spool/freeside dirs are looking redundant?

Correct; you will need to rename and move everything currently in
/var/spool/freeside; see htdocs/docs/upgrade3.html

> I guess that the usr/local/etc/freeside/*.datasrc dirs are meant to
> ownership of freeside....


> O.K. just asking..  what is the reason for the changes? is this to
> add extra fuctions in the future?

So two (or more) separate databases can run on the same machine.

Remember, this is a development version.  I don't _think_ anything is
broken, but I could be wrong.

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