Newbie - Getting Freeside to work

Mark Williamson mark.williamson at
Mon Dec 7 14:57:15 PST 1998

John Vozza  wrote:

>I have been struggling to get freeside 1.1.6 to work.  I now seem to have
>all the pieces in place but yet when I try to enter a new customer I get
>the following response back:

>  Error updating customer information

>   Your update did not occur because of the following error:

>   Unknown state/county/country

>   Hit the Back button in your web browser, correct this mistake, and
>   submit the form again.

>I'm just not sure where to look to correct this problem. I selected as
>state "NJ" all New Jersey jokes aside, we are not unknown!  Country shows
>on the form as US (hard coded?) and I see no place for county, well other
>then the State/county/country drop-down box. Pointers, direction, hits on
>my head with a clue bat? 

Yes I had a simular problem..  but really it didn't show first up..  as I jump into the Tax Rate County page 
cust_main_county.cgi  and the first thing that I done was I hit Expand next to the AL, then I found myself in a form 
cust_main_county-expand.cgi ..  and I typed VIC..  but that was only due to the fact I didn't have a Australian state in 
the system..    Latter I discovered that the new customer form would not process unless I used my added entry..  This 
could be a bug..  not really sure...   All I say have a play and post your result back here..  It could be a Bug, or could be 
a problem on our understanding on how the program is meant to work.


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