[freeside-users] Freeside Billing Question

Brian brian at comtelit.com
Tue Jun 4 13:59:02 PDT 2019

We have used Freeside as our billing system for a few years. We have one
problem as of a few months ago. When we send out our clients bills in our
monthly mass email (One day per month approx 350 emails/bills). About 220 of
the 350 odd customer bills get sent. At first we thought the ISP was
blocking us or that we were reaching our limit, but we have confirmed
Freeside stops sending the mail/bills at a certain point around 220 then we
have to send the rest manually. 


We do not have a limit for sending mail. 10000 per day. 



Anyone have an idea as to what to check or what in Freeside itself could
cause this? We ARE able to send all bills manually. 







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