[freeside-users] IP address field now showing up when provisioning svc_broadband but says it's required

vlad stereomind at gmail.com
Wed Sep 20 08:44:27 PDT 2017

Hello folks. We recently migrated from the last of the 2.x series to 3.92
on CentOS 7 (I know, i know!)
We used to store CPE IP addresses in custom fields, but trying to migrate
to svc_broadband or svc_hardware.

I set up a svc_broadband service and attached it to one of our packages.
When I try to provision a new svc_broadband, the IP address field does not
show up.

Other fields seem to be OK, like tower sector, lat/lon/alt, MAC address..
But not IP address.
On submission, I get the "Error: IP address is required" error message.

I tried changing the IP Address field in the service definition to no
default, default, fixed, etc etc, but there's no difference.

Maybe it's something simple I'm missing?

Thank you,

Vlad Sedov
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