[freeside-users] Can't print

Larry Smith lesmith at ecsis.net
Fri Sep 15 07:31:46 PDT 2017

Hmmm,  my system uses a network printer and
the command is:

> rlpr -no-bind -h -Plp@<printer-ip-address>

and it seems to work just fine.

Larry Smith
lesmith at ecsis.net

On Fri September 15 2017 09:15, Brian Mine wrote:
> Freeside version 3.9
> Debian 8.3
> Perl 5.20.2
> I can't seem to get freeside to send anything to my printer. Using a
> network printer and I can print from the command line. Something like ls |
> lp works fine but printing within freeside does nothing. I set the print
> command to lp in settings. I'm not able to find anything in syslog or cups
> logs. The web ui just returns to customer page, no error or much of
> anything else.
> Thanks for any help!

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