[freeside-users] Password requirements

Roderick Anderson raanders42 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 16 18:31:29 PST 2017

On 11/16/2017 05:27 PM, Larry Smith wrote:
> On Thu November 16 2017 17:13, you wrote:
>> Thanks for the info. Only problem is I can't find it.  Password-insecure.
>> What I have done is short cut the function in the code. A hammer solution
>> to a screwdriver problem.
>> Rod
> Probably my typing, actual parameter is "password-insecure",
> bottom of the Password section of the Configuration Settings
> page.

Still no joy.  Could my code hack of messed it up?  This is version 4.2

passwordmin: Minimum password length (default 6) 	
passwordmax: Maximum password length (default 12) (don't set this over 
12 if you need to import or export crypt() passwords) 	
password-noampersand: Disallow ampersands in passwords 	
password-noexclamation: Disallow exclamations in passwords (Not setting 
this could break old text Livingston or Cistron Radius servers) 	
default-password-encoding: Default storage format for passwords 	
showpasswords: Display unencrypted user passwords in the backend 
(employee) web interface 	
report-showpasswords: This is a terrible idea. Do not enable it. 
STRONGLY NOT RECOMMENDED. Enables display of passwords on services 
security_phrase: Enable the tracking of a "security phrase" with each 
account. Not recommended, as it is vulnerable to social engineering. 	

Thanks for the help.


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