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Hi All,
I was able to install freeside on debian 8. After configuring everything it was time for me to import a list of customers and it started throwing up some tempfile error. I could not get past that point so I installed it on debian 7 again. Now its working fine.
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Hello Sam For some reason or the other the debian defaults in the Freeside Makefile do not work. I was finally able to install Freeside 3.7 on Debian 8.2 (Jessie) by editing the Makefile and:·         commenting out the default Apache version and uncommenting APACHE_VERSION=2·         commenting out the default document root and uncommenting FREESIDE_DOCUMENT_ROOT = /var/www/html/freeside·         commenting out the default include directory and uncommenting APACHE_CONF = /etc/apache2/conf-available Hope this also work for you.   Best Regards ... Obinna ChukwujekwuHead, IT Services DeliveryI S & TipNX Nigeria Ltd10 Adenubi CloseIkeja, LagosNigeriaTel: +234 1 6280000 Ext 1237D/L: +234 1 6280050 -----Original Message-----
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Subject: [freeside-users] Fresh install on Debian 8 Having issues with a fresh install on Debian 8 (jessie).  I followed the documentation and everything goes without a hitch (other than the deprecation errors that Mason throws) until I get to the 'Apache & Web GUI' section. First off there is no freeside-base.conf, there is a freeside-base2.conf and looking at the file it appears that it is meant to replace freeside-base.conf ?  So I enabled it in place of freeside-base.  When I attempt to restart the web server it segfaults though.  I can't get any meaningful info out of the system beyond that. The web server is working fine up until that section.  Given that it is a segfault I would think it would be in relation to the mpm_prefork module since it is in C vs the perl code for the freeside install, but haven't been able to chase it any further since RT is requiring mpm_prefork near as I can tell. I guess my first question is, has anyone else run into this problem, if not, h
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