[freeside-users] Perl error

Ivan Kohler ivan at freeside.biz
Thu Apr 30 01:53:23 PDT 2015

David Peterson wrote:
> I wonder if I am just fighting an incompatible perl version

All production versions of perl 5.8.4 and later are supported/compatible.

> on the latest Ubuntu LTS.

On Ubuntu, folks with advanced sysadmin and Perl stack experience have 
certianly gotten the software running.

Debian is the most popular OS for running Freeside, and the one which we 
support with a full set of tested, packaged prerequisites (and soon 
Freeside packages too).  Debian OS releases now have five years of 
support (like Ubuntu LTS).

If the community would like better support for Ubuntu, please step up 
and contribute (to Ubuntu-specific install documentation, to a 
repository of Perl library prerequisites, to making the Freeside .deb 
packages build and work on Ubuntu, etc.)

>   I am getting a lot of errors in the handler.pl script.
> defined(@array) is deprecated at /usr/local/share/perl/5.18.2/Chart/Base.pm line 181.

These are non-fatal warnings, not fatal errors.  Unless there is 
specific relevance to something broken in the software, I would not 
worry about warnings.


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