[freeside-users] Radius Export to MYSQL help

Jack Martin jack.d.martin at magicwisp.com
Wed Nov 14 12:47:01 PST 2012

I haven't downloaded the VM in a few years, so I'm not sure - but  
originally it didn't have MySQL installed on it.  To export I had to  
install mysql - not the server, to the VM and then it worked.

Quoting vlad <stereomind at gmail.com>:

> There is a queue log file in /usr/local/etc/freeside (or wherever your FS
> configs are stored).  It's called queuelog.DBI:Pg:dbname=freeside or
> something similar.
> The job should be processed as soon as it's generated, provided the job
> queue server isn't busy running another job.
> You can also enable mysql query logging and see if anything is actually
> sent to the database.
> Vlad
> On Fri, Nov 9, 2012 at 9:18 AM, Tim Roberts <trr.usa at gmail.com> wrote:
>> The last thing in the job queue was this:
>> 73  
>> FS::part_export::sqlradius::sqlradius_insertDBI:mysql:dbname=radius;host= slave_user 6uldv85 check  
>> 6666
>> Password wueJDWrI Fri Nov 9 04:43:44 2012failed: Access denied for user
>> 'slave_user'@'' (using password: YES) at
>> /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.1/FS/part_export/sqlradius.pm line 534. (
>> retry <>
>>  | remove<>
>>  )
>> With the above attempt, I intentionally set the password to the database
>> wrong when using slave_user account just to see if I could get an error. In
>> which I did. When I set it to the correct credentials, I get nothing in
>> this job queue or any errors. It just acts like it went out and did the
>> work only the user isnt showing up in the MYSQL radius DB under usergroups
>> or anywhere else I can find. Will the job queue show successful things or
>> only pending jobs and failures? Do exports run at certain times
>> or immediately after submitting?
>> Thank you very much for the quick reply and sorry for asking  
>> dumm at ssquestions.
>> On Fri, Nov 9, 2012 at 9:53 AM, vlad <stereomind at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Do you see the job being created and processed when you provision an
>>> account? (Tools/Job Queue)
>>> Does the job complete successfully?
>>> We're doing pretty much exactly the same thing with PPPoE and Mikrotik. I
>>> ended up writing a set of perl/shell scripts called by shellcommands to
>>> handle suspension, provisioning etc.. This way, I could add fancy stuff
>>> like auto-kick suspended users after changing their group (ssh into
>>> mikrotik, find their session and kill it).
>>> In theory, that can be replicated with sqlradius and shellcommands
>>> exports, but I've not bothered since the setup works fine as is.
>>> Vlad
>>> On Fri, Nov 9, 2012 at 8:03 AM, Tim Roberts <trr.usa at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> Newbie...I am fumbling my way through getting a Freeside server to
>>>> export RADIUS info to our existing MYSQL/FreeRadius servers that are in
>>>> production with another billing software.
>>>> I am using the VMWare Freeside downloaded 10/31/2012. I have not
>>>> upgraded anything on it so its pretty much as is from the website. Our
>>>> existing MYSQL servers are 5.077 on CentOS 6.
>>>> I partially used this guide to fumble through:
>>>> http://www.420.am/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?action=browse&diff=2&id=How_To_Install_Freeradius_W/Mysql_On_The_Signup_Server_Using_Debian_For_The_Linux_Challenged
>>>> Since we already have FreeRadius running and an existing MYSQL database,
>>>> I ignored those items.
>>>> When I started my way to provision a service that has an export tied to
>>>> it, I was receiving helpful error messages only a novice who has no clue
>>>> would see. Those were related to my DB connect string, wrong password to
>>>> the database, wrong database name, etc...Now I receive no errors when I
>>>> provision so it seems it thinks its connecting out to my DB but nothing
>>>> shows up in my usergroup table in my remote MYSQL server.
>>>> Ill try to describe what I have setup. Sorry for improper terms. I came
>>>> from a RODOPI world and this is similar but also like learning another
>>>> language to me.
>>>> I created a service definition - type = svc_acct
>>>> I left everything the defaults except domain where I selected default
>>>> and selected my domain name (which I dont care whether it shows up or not
>>>> in the DB, will adapt if need be)
>>>> I later came back after reading the above how to for the challenged like
>>>> me and changed UID, GID to default as suggested.
>>>> I created an export - sqlradius-real-time export to sql-backed RADIUS
>>>> I finally got my datasource, username, pass, group table right so it
>>>> stopped barfing on provisioning.
>>>> I tied this export to the svc_acct definition
>>>> I made a sample package and tied this definition to it as a primary
>>>> I order the service with a sample customer and then when I provision,
>>>> all seems well now. Prior I was getting this after provisioning::
>>>> failed: Access denied for user 'slave_user'@'' (using
>>>> password: YES) at /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.1/FS/part_export/
>>>> sqlradius.pm line 534.
>>>> I have several usernames in my radius database and I thought the
>>>> slave_user had all permissions to it so I used that account. After seeing
>>>> that error, I changed to the "radius" username that our current billing
>>>> server and freeradius servers use. I dont see the error anymore but there
>>>> still isnt anything showing up in the usergroups table when I export.
>>>> My questions:
>>>> 1.) anyone willing to toss me a bone and give me some hints where to
>>>> start looking from here?
>>>> 2.) is the export realtime or does it queue up in a job somewhere I can
>>>> look at?
>>>> We dont use dialup. we use Canopy modems set in pppoe which use Microtik
>>>> PPPOE servers which use FreeRADIUS/MYSQL to authenticate. All users get a
>>>> valid username and password, but users that are suspended get a a group
>>>> called "Hold" in the database. The Microtiks give users in the  
>>>> group "hold"
>>>> a different IP block that our gateways hijack port 80 and forward  
>>>> them to a
>>>> "pay yer bill" website. I know I will have to address this next (or
>>>> possibly now which is why I mention it). For now, I thought I would at
>>>> least take a stab at getting Freeside to dump a username and password in
>>>> the database and go from there.
>>>> Thanks in advance,
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