[freeside-users] Integrate freeside with an ERP: Experiences?

Alberto Zuin - Liste liste at albertozuin.eu
Fri Aug 12 23:17:16 PDT 2011

I like Freeside view and how it make simple the CRM and billing  
process of an ISP, but I have also to take track of outgoing money  
(Suppliers, tax, ecc.)
My necessity are very easy: I'm not a big farm, I'm a consulent, but I  
have to take track of bank and credit cards account, pay suppliers  
(ADSL and WiFi) and pay taxes. Every months I have to export all  
transaction in a CVS file to store.
 From now I made all this operation with Intuit Quickbooks and Commit  
CRM, but I want to switch to an OpenSource software combination.

The question is:
1) can Freeside take track of my payments to suppliers and produce a  
report in CVS for every bank account?
2) can Freeside be directly integrated with another ERP software (GNU  
Cash for example)?

What I don't want to do is manually copy/past customers data and  
payment information from 2 softwares...


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