[freeside-users] Problem in new dns zone setup

Alberto Zuin - Liste liste at albertozuin.eu
Fri Oct 15 03:40:24 PDT 2010

I'm completly new in freeside but I think it's a very powerful software, 
many thanks to developer: now I'm learning it because I want substitute old 
billing software (on M$ system) in my little ISP. If all is ok, I plan to 
integrate freeside with my ISPConfig infrastructure using perl SOAP::Lite 
and to localize it in Italian.
Just a question to begin: I'm trying the process to create a new DNS domain. 
I made this steps from the VMWare image version 2.1.1:
1) Configuration -> Provisioning and services -> Exports -> Add new export
1.1) Just for tying, export host is "" and export module is "Bind".
1.2) I setted named_conf:  /tmp/bind/named.conf and zonepath:  /tmp/bind/; 
finally I created /tmp/bind on Freeside server with 777 permission
2) Configuration -> Provisioning and services -> Service Definitions -> Add 
new service
2.1) Table svc_domain, export 1: bind to
3) Configuration -> Packages -> Package Definitions -> Add a new packaged 
3.1) I setted "Package" -> "Customer Domain", "Recurring fee frequency" -> 
"Annualy", "Recurring fee"
3.2) In services section "Quantity" -> 1, Primary, on service created at 
point 2
4) Now on a customer jumbo page click on "Order new package" and selected 
package at point 3
5) Click on "Provision Customer Domain" and setted a domain name
6) Now the problem:
    zone -> @
    Type -> A
    Data ->
    TTL -> 86400
Click on "Add record" and the server report me an error: soa record not 
found; can't increment serial

I tried this procedure with online demo, VMware image 1.9.4, VMWare image 
2.1.0, VMWare image 2.1.1 and with a source installation of 2.1.1 version: 
the same problem.
I think I made something wrong. Can you help me please?
Alberto Zuin 

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