[freeside-users] Export links from search results

vlad stereomind at gmail.com
Wed Jul 21 14:25:11 PDT 2010

I'm running FS 2.1.0 stock, all required modules, PgSQL, running on Fedora
12 x64.
I noticed that in some search results, the "Excel spreadsheet", "CSV file",
and "printable copy" links do not work, they just pull up the same page.

If I slightly rig the search element file, search/elements/search-html.html
like this:

---- line 147 ----
                as <A HREF="<% $self_url %>;_type=report.xls" >Excel

%               $cgi->param('_type', 'csv');
                as <A HREF="<% $self_url %>;_type=csv" >CSV file</A><BR>

%             if ( defined($opt{xml_elements}) ) {
%               $cgi->param('_type', 'xml');
                as <A HREF="<% $self_url %>";_type=xml" >XML file</A><BR>
%             }

%               $cgi->param('_type', 'html-print');
                as <A HREF="<% $self_url %>;_type=html-print" >printable

-------end ----

...then everything works. I realize this is a dirty hack, and there is
probably some other reason this doesn't work, but I though I'd bring this to
the list's attention.


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