[freeside-users] Observations/bugs/FAQ/notes FS1.7.3-->2.1.0 upgraded

Ivan Kohler ivan at freeside.biz
Sun Aug 29 11:36:02 PDT 2010

On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 11:40:13AM -0400, Erik L wrote:
> -You need to edit the Makefile - the docs don't appear to mention this

Good idea.  the docs could use a note reminding you to copy your 
information from the old Makefile.

> -Despite installing the prereqs via apt-get - both the ones listed on 
> the 1.7.x to 1.9.x upgrade page and the 2.1 upgrade page, make 
> install-perl-modules and various other steps during the upgrade failed 
> because more prereqs were needed. Installed via apt-get or at one 
> point via CPAN since there was a version conflict - in all we were 
> missing at least these:
> DateTime/Format/Natural.pm
> Email/Sender/Simple.pm
> Email/Sender/Transport/SMTP/TLS.pm
> Module::Versions::Report
> HTML/Defang.pm

Unreproducable.  Everything installs fine via apt for me.  provide 
actual information, not ambiguous, useless reports like "there was a 
version conflict" if you feel this is a problem.
> -freeside-upgrade failed on several things. The most notable was 
> cust_pkg_reason.

Should have been fixed some time ago in CVS; not necessary.  Would be 
interested in reports about current failures.

> -I chose not to run freeside-migrate-events, but instead create the 
> new-style events from nothing. This did not appear to have a 
> deterimental effect so far - comments? Is running it neccessary if 
> creating new events from nothing?

Doing things your way will lose information about what's already been 
run and so re-run all events (re-send all invoices, re-try all cards).  

> -I screwed up badly with the RT_SiteConfig.pm - didn't make all the 
> variables new-style - the docs weren't clear enough on this.

Don't you mean "I've fixed the docs to be more clear on this"?

> -Have issues with RT linking to customers - on old tickets, cannot 
> unlink customers and some phantom customers appear which were never 
> linked to the ticket before (and can't unlink them)

If this occurs with current code I'd be interested in more information.

> -Daily billing run now takes three hours instead of less than 15 
> minutes for some reason - fix or this is just how the new events work?

Performance improvements are certainly needed.


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