[freeside-users] Observations/bugs/FAQ/notes FS1.7.3-->2.1.0 upgraded

Erik L erik_list at caneris.com
Thu Aug 26 08:40:13 PDT 2010

I'd like to share some notes from a recent upgrade as they may help others, particularly on what may go wrong. I'll incorporate a small portion of these into the public wiki docs. This is in no particular order.

-You need to edit the Makefile - the docs don't appear to mention this

-Despite installing the prereqs via apt-get - both the ones listed on the 1.7.x to 1.9.x upgrade page and the 2.1 upgrade page, make install-perl-modules and various other steps during the upgrade failed because more prereqs were needed. Installed via apt-get or at one point via CPAN since there was a version conflict - in all we were missing at least these:

-freeside-upgrade failed on several things. The most notable was cust_pkg_reason. Fix like this:
select distinct otaker from cust_pkg_reason; select distinct otaker from h_cust_pkg_reason;
For each otaker that's a full name and not a username, do:
update cust_pkg_reason set otaker = (whatever their username is) where otaker = (whatever their full name is from above);
update h_cust_pkg_reason set otaker = (whatever their username is) where otaker = (whatever their full name is from above);
update cust_pkg_reason set action = '' where action is null;
update h_cust_pkg_reason set action = '' where action is null;
update cust_pkg_reason set usernum = 0 where usernum is null;
update h_cust_pkg_reason set usernum = 0 where usernum is null;
If it's still failing, examine your data in h_cust_pkg and h_cust_pkg_reason and increase the fuzz factor in cust_pkg_reason::_upgrade_data as needed (e.g. I had to do $fuzz < 15 for one of the steps)

-I chose not to run freeside-migrate-events, but instead create the new-style events from nothing. This did not appear to have a deterimental effect so far - comments? Is running it neccessary if creating new events from nothing?

-I screwed up badly with the RT_SiteConfig.pm - didn't make all the variables new-style - the docs weren't clear enough on this. *EVERYTHING* has to change to Set(x,y) instead of RT::blah::x = y. This created many problems later on, including auth issues, site name being wrong (still see example.com in some of the message headers and not sure whether there is something potentially wrong long-term that will get us later). Comments?

-make configure-rt && make install-rt. I chose not to use make deploy both to have control over each step and be able to fix stuff if it goes wrong and so that I could manually fix up the apache config. So I ran each of make install-rt, install-texmf, install-init, and whatever else was there except apache. I'd recommend doing this over make deploy.

-/opt/rt3/sbin/rt-setup-database --dba freeside --prompt-for-dba-password --action upgrade - there were some errors here - in particular, ensure that when you're running this, the unix user you're running it as has write permissions to the source directory with rt

-Have issues with RT linking to customers - on old tickets, cannot unlink customers and some phantom customers appear which were never linked to the ticket before (and can't unlink them)

-Noticed various bugs, such as payinfo/paymask in cust_pay being set to "N/A" and "N/AA" - this was fixed in CVS per Ivan, so grabbed just these changes and applied them to our version. 

-Daily billing run now takes three hours instead of less than 15 minutes for some reason - fix or this is just how the new events work?

-I didn't upgrade the self-service server yet - everything appears working with the 1.7 one - should I touch it? We use our own app so I guess it's only the SelfService.pm which would be changing slightly.

-Despite seeing more bugs/issues and poor performance compared to previous Freeside versions, most of the issues appear already fixed in CVS and this version already has more features than we've ever used/needed, so don't be discouraged if some stuff appears broken in 2.1.0 - it's probably already fixed, and 2.1.1 is coming out very soon.


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