[freeside-users] No 'progress' being made when adding a new service definition?

Jan Mulders jan at baneki.com
Fri Sep 26 07:57:36 PDT 2008

Hey all.
I've just completed installation of Freeside and have begun the process of
configuring it and hooking it up to other things, such as freeradius and a
signup form. I currently have an export configured and am working on adding
a service definition, which unfortunately doesn't seem to be working.

I get the following message when I hit 'submit' on the full form to add a
new service def (I've tried this with and without ticking an associated

"Server processing job... [a big grey progress bar] % (progress of job #5)"

Seems like something's not running on the backend? What should I check for /
start looking?


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