[freeside-users] Locale Issues on fresh install

Jan Mulders jan at baneki.com
Sun Sep 21 13:01:46 PDT 2008

What I meant by 'line up with apache' was getting apache, perl and freeside
to play nice when it comes to actually serving Freeside via the web. I was
about halfway through a post asking for a quick sanity check of my apache
config when I noticed the documentroot wasn't actually set correctly: oops.
I've now solved the problem of getting it to work by learning how to
properly configure apache; it's been way, way too long since I last did this
by hand.

Thanks for the reply - I'll keep a close eye to look for any potential
locale issues while I'm testing.


2008/9/21 Jeremy Davis <lists at maximumtech.us>

> > Everything else worked fine (Aside from the regular nightmare of making
> > Freeside line up with Apache, which I'm still working on) - anyone have
> > a guess as to what's broken here?
> The country code messages are just warning and not errors.  You can
> disregard them.  What do you mean lineup with apache?
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