[freeside-users] Initial svc_domain setup?

Steven Ball hamster at snurkle.net
Wed Mar 28 18:29:37 PDT 2007

Yeah, this confused me too.  Basically, someone has to have 'bought'  
the domain for it to show up as an option when you sell a customer  
something that requires a domain.  So, what they mean in the docs is,  
goto your 'system account', and sell it a package which has a  
svc_domain service, and then when you sell a different customer a  
svc_acct, that domain will show up as an option.  So, if you are  
'foobar.com', sell yourself the foobar.com domain (you can make the  
package free or complementary billing or whatnot so it wont invoice),  
and then you can sell customers somename at foobar.com.  Make sense?

Optionally, you can sell an actual customer a domain, and then be  
able to sell a svc_acct based package using that domain.

Hope that helps somewhat.


On Mar 28, 2007, at 7:09 PM, Charles Sprickman wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm still getting the FAQ issue on creating an initial account, ie:
> "Q. I cannot add a user account. I see Error: Can't find  
> svc_acct.domsvc in svc_domain.svcnum. What do I do?
> Follow the directions in docs/admin.html exactly. You have failed  
> to "Add your own domain." Create a package containing a svc_domain  
> service. Sell it to yourself. Provision it with your domain. Edit  
> the service definition for the svc_acct service and set it to  
> Default or Fixed and your domain. Note: Freeside-setup in 1.7.X  
> will have added the first domain already."
> So two things...  First, I'm running 1.7.2, so the initial  
> svc_domain entry was created.  Second, I'm simply having trouble  
> parsing the above answer.  Can someone step me through it?
> -"sell it to yourself" - no clue...
> -"provision it with your domain" - no clue, create another  
> svc_domain that represents one of my actual customer's domains and  
> somehow associate the two svc_domain services?
> -"Edit the service definition for the svc_acct service and set it  
> to Default or Fixed and your domain" - I assume this is talking  
> about adding a svc_account (ie: a pop mailbox or similar) and  
> setting it to the system's svc_domain or another svc_domain that  
> was created where?
> I feel like somewhere I missed some introductory docs that explain  
> the overall methodology here.
> FWIW, to start with all I want to setup are numerous pop mailboxes  
> with different domains, ie: "user at bway.net", "user2 at bway.net",  
> "user at customerdomain.com", etc., but I feel like I'm trying to fit  
> a square peg in a round hole.
> Any pointers to get started?  Are there any docs outside of the  
> docs dir in the web root of the install and the wiki?  The wiki  
> seems to lack a "usage" section.
> Thanks,
> Charles
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