[freeside-users] Confusion on 'First Package'

Steven Ball hamster at snurkle.net
Sat Mar 17 16:09:47 PDT 2007

Well, that's the trick.  I can't unselect it.  There is a singular  
drop down option which is the package described.  I can disable the  
agent from selling it, and it goes away... but then I can't sell it.

So, how do I sign them up without choosing a package?  Am I  
overlooking a config option?  I dug though all the configuration  
options but nothing is jumping out at me, and the documentation does  
not seem to say anything.



On Mar 17, 2007, at 3:02 PM, Jeremy Davis wrote:

> Steven Ball wrote:
>> Hi again,
>> Making headway here, but I am confused and I can't seem to figure  
>> this out from the docs.
>> I defined a package that includes a service of svc_acct, which has  
>> a radius export.  I note now that when I go to create a new user,  
>> a new box appears at the bottom called 'First package', with a  
>> drop down that only has this new package in it.  I have a handful  
>> of other packages, but none of them appear in this 'First package'  
>> drop down, and I have no way to not select this new package.  The  
>> other packages have services of svc_external, svc_phone, and none  
>> at all.
>> How do I disable this, so I can setup a customer without selling  
>> anything to them, or sell something different to them?
>> I'm probably overlooking something simple here.
>> Thanks once again.
> Sign them up without choosing a package or permit the agent which  
> is ordering the package to sell that package.
> Jeremy
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