[freeside-users] upgrade database

Ivan Kohler ivan at 420.am
Mon Jun 25 09:20:51 PDT 2007

On Mon, Jun 25, 2007 at 11:13:23AM -0500, Damon Vincent wrote:
> While trying to upgrade to 7.3 using instructions in the wiki I had some 
> issues with the database update and think I still am missing tables.  
> The command [freeside-upgrade username] seemed to run however the 
> changes to the schema were not actually being implimented.  The fix was 
> to run the script as follows:
> [freeside-upgrade -d username > dbupdatefile] and then manually dump the 
> dbupdatefile to psql [psql -f dbupdatefile].  I still think there are 
> issue with my schema and wondered if someone could give me a quick 
> rundown of what is happening with the freeside-upgrade.  I can tell it 
> is comparing the existing schema to a template but any details would be 
> helpfull. 
> I added a comment to the wiki which I can remove if that is 
> appropriate.  I was tryingt to be helpfull but I think I need to better 
> document the issue first here I guess.

Yes, you probably do.  You've told us about "the issue" twice now, but 
not actually provided much if anything in the way of details... have you 
considered providing the information requested in the mailing list 
guidelines and a detailed description of your actual problem?  Seems 
you'll be more likely to pique someone's interest.


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